Latest issue of More than 90 Minutes available from newsagents throughout Ireland and the greater Glasgow area or why not subscribe and have it delivered to your doorstep you can purchase hard copy or ezine by visiting our shop

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2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Good Evening,
    I managed to pick up a copy of your magazine issue 88 in The Candy Store,Coatbridge a couple of weeks ago and it’s the 1st time for years, I actually thought you had ceased publication.
    I have stayed in Chapelhall,Airdrie the last 8 years and I did ask the local newsagent if he could order it for me but it wasn’t possible through Menzies Wholesalers.
    Anyway this village is full of Celtic fans and is even the birthplace of Lisbon Lion John Clark and Peter ‘the pointer’ Grant so if you can tell me where my nearest stockist is and give me subscription details I will try and spread the gospel.
    If you have any publicity fliers or anything i will make sure they go on the 2 supporters buses from the village.
    Hail! Hail!

    • Hi Gerry
      That would be great subscriptions are available through the shop on the website. I will make contact with The Candy Store and see if I can supply them direct as Menzies are not supplying enough copies.

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